One Day

I am not a car person by any stretch of the imagination.  We keep what we drive until it won’t go anymore….pay it off and get our money’s worth out of it.  Although…. there’s a small little voice in my head (that’s growing ever louder) that whispers to me from time to time….oh, how much fun it would be to get rid of the practical minivan and drive one of these.  It would totally fit our lifestyle and for once ……I would be SO COOL!

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1


Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2


jeep grand wagoneer 3


jeep grand wagoneer 4


jeep grand wagoneer 5


But alas….for now, this is as cool as my ride gets….

Sanibel 4

Although….I’m not going down without a fight…..

I used to be cool

Thoughtful Thursday {Sports Fan….not so much}

With fall and football season approaching…with all the small talk about teams…and scores…and games….blah, blah blah….this is totally me.

sports fan




Well…that was a long break…

I said I’d be back with vacation photos nearly two months ago and have not surfaced again.  I have quite a few design jobs in the works so the past two months have been a blur.  If you follow me on Instagram (@sharonbarrettinteriors) then you have a fair idea what I’ve been up to.  I didn’t mean to stay away so long!  It almost seems ridicuous to post vacation pictures two months later but I’ll have fun reliving it so I’m gonna’ do it.

Here’s a few pictures to catch you up:

 I thought I’d post a little area that I’ve finished in The Barn that makes me so happy.  This little writing desk was a yard sale find for $20.00 and the chair was free in a garbage pile in Sanibel Island.  Clearly I have a thing for straw hats.  (pardon the crappy iphone pic.)     😉

hat wall edited

And….in not so fun news, I tore my ACL the middle of July doing something that I am apparently entirely too old to do.  In this picture, I was in the doctors office waiting to see how big my knee, leg and toes could swell before they exploded.  I’ve been sporting a mean kankle on one leg for the past two weeks.


I now have a child with a drivers permit….and as you can see, I look like an oompa loompa next to him.  Obviously he did not get his height from his McNugget sized mom.


And finally…..vacation pictures!  We had a wonderful time and if anyone on Sanibel Island needs a designer to come down and stay for an extended period while your vacation home is renovated….I’m your girl!

Sanibel 1

Sanibel 2

My love….

Sanibel 3

Sanibel 6

A little brotherly love….

Sanibel 7

And my aforementioned dumpster chair….I was going to strap this baby on the top of my van and ride it home if I had to.

Sanibel 9

Lots of sand art…..

Sanibel 10

Sanibel 11

See me in the very back with my hand up waving….?

Sanibel 12

The most fun part of our entire trip was fishing!  We had a HUGE tarpon on the line but it broke the reel right as we got it to the boat to take a picture.  After a few moments of somber silence we started fishing again and caught lots of sharks.  This is definately something we are going to have to do again!

Sanibel 16

Me and my goofy girl….

Sanibel 17

This is the coolest my mom mobile has ever looked!  Incidentally, after paddleboarding in Sanibel, I got a paddleboard for my birthday which I love….I used it once and then tore my ACL so I’m just going visit in the garage and talk to it until next summer.  :(

Sanibel 4

That catches us all up except for the design jobs!  I go the doctor tomorrow and find out when surgery is and from there, I’ll be peg legging up and down clients stairs and job sites for a while.

I’ll try not to be a stranger!!!

Thoughtful Thursday

I am imagining this said in “Bill & Ted” voice.


Keanu Reeves

Excellent Source

Slice of Life

Happy Monday!!  This weekend was a whirlwind of archery tournaments, client work, oh so glamorous laundry and a little sewing.  I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my weekend for fun.

First up was Friday.  I had a client meeting and then it was off to the State Archery Tournament which my youngest son and his school were competing in.  Unlike his older brother and sister who will KNOCK YOU DOWN to get in a picture….Wyatt hates having his picture taken so I have to take what I can get.

First, here is Wyatt giving me the stink eye because I am trying to take his picture (he’s the one off to the side with his hand on his hip):

(Notice his sweet friend who is more than willing to smile and pose for the shot since Wyatt is being uncooperative)

Wyatt at archery


And….here is Wyatt doing a victory dance walking out after the tournament because his team is going to Nationals.  Just kidding….wouldn’t that be sweet….no, he’s beating his big brother’s shadow up with his shadow from behind while said big brother has no idea what is going on. 

Wyatt shadow fighting


And….while my husband had my kids busy taking down a neighbors fence, I got a few minutes to myself and whipped up this little number.  It’s a slipcover made from a painters dropcloth.  I have plans to slipcover several of my chairs but I wanted to practice on an easy one first and I have to say….despite the grainy iphone pic, it looks great!  And the fabulous thing is that when it gets dirty (which it WILL) I can just throw it in the wash and bleach it.  It’s a fantastic dingy, off white color so it should wear well too.  Miss Mustard Seed has a great tutorial which is what helped me work up the nerve to try this.



Well I’m off…..have a great Monday!  If all goes well, I will have some posts up this week.  :)

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