One Day

I am not a car person by any stretch of the imagination.  We keep what we drive until it won’t go anymore….pay it off and get our money’s worth out of it.  Although…. there’s a small little voice in my head (that’s growing ever louder) that whispers to me from time to time….oh, how much fun it would be to get rid of the practical minivan and drive one of these.  It would totally fit our lifestyle and for once ……I would be SO COOL!

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1


Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2


jeep grand wagoneer 3


jeep grand wagoneer 4


jeep grand wagoneer 5


But alas….for now, this is as cool as my ride gets….

Sanibel 4

Although….I’m not going down without a fight…..

I used to be cool

Ballard Spotted Lampshade Hack

Happy Monday!  I’m just popping in to share a little DIY project I completed this weekend and it’s super easy to replicate.  I have been loving the spotted fabrics that have been popping up all over the place and when I saw the lamp shade below from Ballard, I knew this was my time to strike.

Ballard lampshade

Lately, I feel like my home has turned into the cobblers children with no shoes.  I am so busy doing everyone else’s house that work on the barn has kind of been put on the back burner.  I already had the lamp and shade and was able to carve out about 15 minutes to paint about eleventy billion spots.  I SO love how it turned out and beacuse I was able to do this myself, I didn’t have to settle for black spots.  Instead I mixed equal parts of black and brown paint to soften it up a bit.


Barn interior pic

Farmhouse Renovation Pictures

Just popping in to post a few pictures from a farmhouse that I’ve been working on.  The homeowner is a professional photographer and we were able to get a few staged pics for an article that’s going to be in the local paper.  She has some custom furniture ordered and we still have to do window treatments but these are stunning nonetheless.

Smithville hearth


Smithville Master Mantle tall shot


Smithville Fall Decor 4


Smithville Fall Decor 3


Sharon Barrett Interiors Fall Decor 5

I even had to strip down to my socks so my boots could rest casually on the mantel….and let me tell ya’… it was not pretty. On the surface, I was fabulously put together. I had on some bright green jeans, denim button down shirt with the sleeves casually rolled up, wood bead necklace ….and my husbands bright white Under Armour athletic socks holding it all together under my chic boots.  I didn’t want that look to go down in infamy….so no pic here….  :)


Thoughtful Thursday

I A-L-M-O-S-T didn’t make it……here’s a late post of a pic that gave me a laugh…..and is TOTALLY true…at least in my house!

Shopping patterns

Farm House Sitting Room

I’m on a roll and am actually posting some glimpses into the day to day goings on with some of my client work.  One of the homes that I am working on is an old farmhouse that belongs to some friends that I went to church with growing up.  Other than being precious people, they have a beautiful old farmhouse (oh how I love old houses) that has very tall ceilings in the original part of the home and transom windows above the doors….really beautiful details that you don’t see in new homes.  We are working on a sitting room and entry right now.

The first picture below is of their front door from the foyer which is original to the house.  I just love when you can keep old details like that in your home!


Elam Road Entry


The plan is to paint it a darker shade of graphite (darker than the one below but similar).  It’ll really make that old door stand out as the focal point in the foyer and help ground the room a bit since it has such tall ceilings.

Painted Interior doors


The pictures below are quick snapshots of the sitting room.  That’s the area we are mainly looking at today.  It was nearly impossible to get a good picture to illustrate all the traffic paths that go through this room.  There’s a doorway that leads from the foyer, guest bedroom and guest bath….a doorway that leads from another bedroom just off this room….the doorway that leads from the front of the house into the dining room….it has been a tough space for my client to get comfortable.  She also wanted a spot where you would want to go sit away from the tv on the other end of the house.  This is one of those rooms that as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly how I wanted to approach it.  I tend to be more of a “slow cooker” and think about spaces for awhile….that’s typically how I get my best ideas….but not this time!

Below is a view from the doorway leading from the front door to the dining room doorway.

Elam Road Sitting Room 3


Here is another shot of the same wall but of the opposite wall.

Elam Road Sitting Room 2


There is also an older entertainment center.  We are going to use the center section (and paint it a dark brown) and remove the piers…and then move it to another wall.

Elam Road Sitting Room 1


Here is the plan….looking at the floorplan gives you a better idea of how the doorways and traffic patterns run.  The room needed some much needed symetry and balance all while accomodating a heavy traffic flow with lots of doorways.

Elam Road Farmhouse Design Elements


We are going to balance the window on one side of the room with a set of four botical prints on the opposite wall the mimic the size, shape and airy silhouette of the window across the room.  I wanted the print below but alas….it is no longer in production so we are using a set of prints with large mats to get the same stature.  See how the print balances and imitates the window next to it and provides the much needed balance on that wall?

Lindsey Bierman's sunroom


We ordered a pair of custom chaise lounges very similar to the ones below (except for the color) to place on either sides of the doorway….one under the window and one on the opposite side…with the set of prints above it.

  pair of chaises


We are installing wall lamps next to each chaise and will have soft throws and lumbar pillows in the blue floral swatch on the design details above.  The walls are being painted Benjamin Moore Wales Gray.  I typically like lighter colors so that the decor will be what shows but in this case, the room needed a deeper color to make it feel more cozy with the tall ceilings and seperated seating.  We are adding a room size seagrass rug to tie both pieces together and adding tables so that you have somewhere to set a drink or book while you are lounging.  These chaises are versatile in that you can also sit on them like a loveseat and face each other if you have a small group.  The open end keeps them from overpowering the small room and staying out of the walkways.  My client was ready to get rid of her fan so I added World Market’s Large Wood Bead Chandalier to soften things up and help give the room the appearance of a space seperated from the foyer.  There will also be off white linen blend drapes to frame the window and bring in a light, breezy feel….and help balance the large amount of off white space in the prints above the opposite chaise.

I’ll post about the foyer another day but I CAN NOT WAIT to see this space come together!  It’ll be another 8 weeks or so before her furniture is delivered so I’ll have to wait until then.  :)

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