Spaces I love – Seabrook Island Home

Normally I just post one room in my “spaces I love” posts but I couldn’t pick a favorite.  This house is all of my favorites in one place.  This fabulous house was  built by the family firm R.M. Buck Builders and photographed by Holger Obenaus.






Score!!!! {Alternate title – my husband is fabulous!}

If you follow me on Instagram or look on feed on my sidebar, you may have already seen this picture but it’s too good not to devote a post to the fabulous story!

It is a longstanding joke between my husband and I that he embarrasses me at yard sales because he is notorious for making really lowball offers.  I rarely get out of the car and just let him go cruise around.  When we pass a yard sale, Jeremy always asks me if I see anything that I can’t live without.  Well, this Saturday I did.  We drove by and he got out and looked at it.  (“It” is an antique solid wood writing desk).  I really wanted the piece and he said he would offer $20.00 for it.  I said that was too low and there’s no way the owners would take it so we left.  We were in a neighborhood that was having a yard sale so he said “let’s just go look at the rest of the houses and come back.  If the desk is still there, they’ll probably be more desperate to get rid of it”.  So we did.  Jeremy got out and in about 10 seconds turned around to me and shot me a huge grin through the car window…..and this is what he got me for 20 bucks! (Pardon the crappy iphone pic!)

antique writing desk

Peacock Alley Travel Trailer

I have told my husband several times that I’d love to redecorate an Airstream and a houseboat.  When I ran across the Peacock Alley’s Travel Trailer, I was instantly in love!  I could go on forever about why this is fabulous but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

peacock alley airstream 4

peacock alley airstream 5

peacock alley airstream 3


  peacock alley airstream 1


I would have this thing packed up and headed to the lake or beach so fast it would make your head spin!  And if there’s anyone out there who needs a travel trailer or house boat redesigned, I’m your girl.  ;)


Have a great weekend!!!  I plan on getting lots of sun as it’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow!!!  Yahoo!!!

Thoughtful Thursday

Finally….I am posting on what is always my favorite post of the week after a few weeks away on Thursday!

This is totally true in my house!


Slice of Life

Happy Monday!!  This weekend was a whirlwind of archery tournaments, client work, oh so glamorous laundry and a little sewing.  I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my weekend for fun.

First up was Friday.  I had a client meeting and then it was off to the State Archery Tournament which my youngest son and his school were competing in.  Unlike his older brother and sister who will KNOCK YOU DOWN to get in a picture….Wyatt hates having his picture taken so I have to take what I can get.

First, here is Wyatt giving me the stink eye because I am trying to take his picture (he’s the one off to the side with his hand on his hip):

(Notice his sweet friend who is more than willing to smile and pose for the shot since Wyatt is being uncooperative)

Wyatt at archery


And….here is Wyatt doing a victory dance walking out after the tournament because his team is going to Nationals.  Just kidding….wouldn’t that be sweet….no, he’s beating his big brother’s shadow up with his shadow from behind while said big brother has no idea what is going on. 

Wyatt shadow fighting


And….while my husband had my kids busy taking down a neighbors fence, I got a few minutes to myself and whipped up this little number.  It’s a slipcover made from a painters dropcloth.  I have plans to slipcover several of my chairs but I wanted to practice on an easy one first and I have to say….despite the grainy iphone pic, it looks great!  And the fabulous thing is that when it gets dirty (which it WILL) I can just throw it in the wash and bleach it.  It’s a fantastic dingy, off white color so it should wear well too.  Miss Mustard Seed has a great tutorial which is what helped me work up the nerve to try this.



Well I’m off…..have a great Monday!  If all goes well, I will have some posts up this week.  :)

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